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I stumbled across this game on accident. It looked like it might be fun. So, I put it on my PS Price account waiting for a discount. Yesterday I received an email telling me that the game was on sale. I believe it is something like $3 right now. It offered a cross play for the Vita as well. I figured, why not? At first, the game was a lot of fun. However, it quickly became very frustrating. There is a slight learning curve with the game. For example; if you are near a spike and you turn the opposite direction, your character will make a wide rotation causing you to hit the spike. Also, the double jump does not always work correctly or at least not when you want it to. You can "cliff hang" in the game (where you stand barely on the edge while 95% of your body is floating over the edge. This is very useful with the arrows coming down. From level 1 through 10 or so, I was really enjoying the game. From levels 11 through 20, I wanted to kill someone. The good news is that after level 20 I had a really good feel for the game and things started to ease up. It ended up taking me about an hour and a half to finish it. I did however take a break to take the trash out and to tell my girlfriend to stop walking in front of the TV and to please be quite. 


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I played the first 15 levels back in March, then I think got frustrated and stopped for a while.  I just resumed playing this week and knocked out another 20 levels.  I think playing a lot of other Platformers during that break has helped me with this game.  I honestly think Reed 2 is much more challenging than this one.


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