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I know that the game is pretty straight forward and the level up grinding is fairly easy in comparison to old school final fantasy games, but nevertheless, i wanted to share some tips on easy and fast level up. 


1: In chapter 3 (early game)

Below is a video that shows the area, where you can level up your characters as well as materias quickly. For me, this spot is best for early game materias level up for example, for fire, lightning, cure etc. So give it shot, if you are interested. 


2: In chapter 16 (after completing the game)

After completing the game, access chapter 16 through chapter selection. Just keep playing Shinra Combat Simulator first match "three-person team vs. mayor is best" on easy mode and you will reach level 50 in under an hour. Or just play other matches, if you want too. 


Anyway, if anyone has other tips, then do share here. 





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I just played the Shinra combat simulator easiest fight with 3 people, and when I say "played", I just started the easiest selection of  fights and let the AI take over the whole match. Basically I levelled up by doing nothing and not even playing the game, just came back to the PS4 every 5-10 minutes and pressed the button to start the same match again. Can't get much easier grinding than that.


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