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Quick disclaimer to people who are about to get this game:  (so physical copies players can only see physical copies players score an vice versa)


-DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL COPIES DO NOT APPEAR ON THE LEADERBOARD (for example: I was just boosting and my boosting partner could not see me on the leaderboard and i checked with someone else who i could see and they said they were digital) so it's like Kane and Lynch 2



-Install the demo and play level 1 but wait 10 minutes so your time score is ruined. Finish it and miss all your shots just before you complete it. so your accuracy score is bad (so - 20,000)

-Next the other person plays it normally and should beat it but they don't get the greatest score of all time

-You beat their score and both of you get the trophy.





Ok i'm looking at this now and i think this trophy can be done with one vita


-Backup everything and wipe the console

-Put on an alt account, add it as a friend and install the demo

- do the first line of the workaround and finish it

- wipe the console again log on your main and beat the alts score you got it. 

Technically speaking this should work



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making it clearer

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