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b4 starting this game i checked the trophy guide for missables, like i usually do and it says

"To the curious" are riddles that tells you where to find the bromides. One line, one bromide.

i thought this meant '# of hints equals # of bromides' per phase, but it's not, apparently ive missed a couple of bromides already, one in ch3 phase 1 and one again just now in ch5 phase 1. there were 3 hints on the note in the library but there are 4 bromides to collect, i know this bc i periodically check the list in the guide to make sure i have all bromides available so far (i wanted to find them by myself)

not saying the guide or the author are bad but it could've been a bit clearer on that little detail, frankly, the game itself could've been clearer there

guess that means no 100% for me which is fine, but im not playing this game a 2nd time bc honestly it's a kinda slow and boring game with boring combat. so im just going to focus on clearing the campaign but just a heads up for those who thought abt collecting everything in 1 playthrough by themselves

also claris's team attack didnt unlock for me in ch3 despite the guide saying it should've, i put her in 2nd slot and nothing happened and i was nice to her to whole time, instead i got anastasia's team attack

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