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Game breaking glitch, no crystal obtained


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So I finished the Borg world (Castle in the sea) and got to Lurking Horror boss.  I killed it and after collecting the jewels, I was waiting for the crystal to drop and stood underneath it jumping rapidly.  I used to do that with Castlevania games..


Anyway, in the middle of my jumping, I fell through the floor and went into the loot room.  I don't know if this would have popped the trophy as I already had it but what it did do is complete the world with NO crystal!!  Then it went back to the world map, the world "blew up" and now I can't get back into it.  Anyone else encounter this?  My crystal count is still at one on the top right of the world map when it should be 2.  I don't even want to finish the game if it'll all be for nothing since you need all 5 crystals for a trophy.  I'll just play something else unless someone has seen this or has a workaround.  Thanks!!

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i was playing the EU vertion and this just happend to me the boss hit me and i fell through the floor from the looks of it it can happen at any point during this boss fight.

if you have this happen to you do not continue after you finish every world and its time to advance to the final world the game will lock up in the overworld map and you cant go anywhere.

just leared the hard way well time to start again atleast its not a game that takes alot of time to finish.

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