How bad is the DLC for completionists?

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9 hours ago, EIdain said:

Are any of the DLC trophies easy enough that a couple can be knocked out in an hour or two?

I don't think I care enough about the game (plus have other stuff to play) to commit a tonne of time to 100% it, but I care enough about my completion % that it'd be nice to get it a bit higher than 70% for this game if there's some easy ones lol.

The challenge mode (while difficult to 100%) has a lot of easy trophies that can be knocked out without too much trouble in a couple of hours. If u focus on the easier challenges, u should be able to get at least a few gold ranks, which gives u 4 trophies. U will also likely get enough money in the process to fully upgrade one of the rings, which gives u a 5th one.


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I loved the game but didn’t care for the DLC. Of the challenges, I liked the stealth the best and the bike the least. Over time, I grew to look forward to doing them. Some of the more difficult challenges just take practice. The patches earned in the challenges do help with the main game. 


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