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Two Questions For Anyone Kind Enough To Answer


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I tried using the DS4 controller sitting: terrible. Use the Move and stand for a much more manageable and enjoyable game. Speaking of the game... my god am I atrocious, lol! I've been playing for a couple hours now and to be honest at the moment I can't see myself platinuming this game as I find the mechanics far too complicated and requiring pinpoint accuracy - something I'm failing MISERABLY at with every hole I play. Who knows, maybe I'll get better?

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So I picked this game up recently.


Use a move while standing, a lot easier to be accurate.


TURN ON TORNADO CUPS - you can still unlock all trophies but it makes the putting and chip in SOOOO much easier and just makes the game more fun

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5 hours ago, MrTacoNinja said:

I'm about to start this game and I'm curious about two things:


1) Is the game better standing or sitting?


2) Move controller or DS4 for a better, smoother game?



I am admittedly not that far along due to a move that has hindered my VR abilities, but I vastly preferred standing. That’s just me. Also, I love this game, it simulates the real golf experience of dramatically hooking a shot and shouting expletives at inanimate objects. 

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5 minutes ago, MrTacoNinja said:

How do I turn on Tornado Cup guys?

Im at work and don't have the game in front of me but its one of the screens in the lobby area. Options, has like mirror cups and starting tee. Its unlocked from the start

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