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I've only obtained 2 Golden Spatulas from Mr. Krabs in terms of collecting these.  His next one he wants 9,000 of them, problem is, I've been needing to use some of my stash on clams that need like 2,000 or so of them to open up.  And according to the mission list thing, he still will want a bunch more shiny objects.


So, what is the best way to get a lot of Shiny Objects?  Especially if Mr. Krabs wants a butt load of them by the end of his little quest line thing xD

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You can go to the Pier in Goo Lagoon and play the Skee Ball mini game to slowly build them up.


When you come across a Duplicator robot you could also try leaving it alive and farming the robots it spawns to build up shiny objects that way.

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The fastest way to grind shiny objects is to get a big combo, the best spot is in goo lagoon for this. Be sure to get the cruise bubble to make it even faster. Teleport to the caves and leave through the entrance, you will now be on the bridge at the castle. Don't move and deploy a cruise bubble. Destroy the tikis on top of the castle. If they are destroyed turn around qnd destroy the tikis on the bridge, once you got all the shiny objects from that jump in the water and you will respawn right on the bridge again. That way you respawn the tikis. Mr krabs will need 104.000 shiny objects in total so this is rather usefull, took me around an hour to do

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5 hours ago, DrakeHellsing said:

By any chance, after I pay Mr. Krabs for the shiny objects to get the golden spatulas from him, I wont need any more right? Or to get the platinum, do I also need to unlock the theater?

No, theatre is not needed. It contains 10 pictures, which are useless.

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I found a nice grinding spot halfway through Jellyfish Fields


There is a duplicator machine behind a wall of stone tikis with the red one in the middle


Let the machine spawn three hammer robots and then ignite the red tiki while defeating the robots


You can get close to 1k doing this method


Just jump into the water to kill yourself and start the process over again


It took a bit but doing this I only have one spatula left for Krabs to give 

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