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QUICK Trophy Guide


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1 hour ago, ferryjan said:

Game delisted? i can't find it in neither NA nor EU store

I also can't find it on any of the stores today (July 24th) even though I checked out the page yesterday. Hopefully they haven't taken it down for good? I wonder why they'd suddenly remove it like this.

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24 minutes ago, UltraFire121 said:

Mr fitness man. Are you able to do Epic Word Search Collection 2 trophy and platinum guide once It releases?

possibly ? depends on lightwoodgames if they send out the keys early

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Eastasiasoft deleted the game page for this game as well. The game page was available to access last night.

JP and HK version was planning to release today, now it seems they are also canceled.




This page is no longer available:



Maybe the game will never be up again. There is a cartoon with name "The Octonauts".



1 hour ago, IBadDriverI said:

the official release is today but the game was already available yesterday maybe this was the reason


The official release date was yesterday for NA, EU today (midnight)


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