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No prohibition for Darkwater harsh RNG trophy


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I completed my first blind guideless playthrough of the game over the last few days. I really enjoyed playing through the game without a guide and enjoying the story without stressing about trophies. I then needed 13 outstanding trophies on a 2nd playthrough and started using a guide.


The first trophy I had missed playing blind was the 'no prohibition' trophy where you have to pick a lock to enter a shack to obtain some liquor to bribe some sailors into assisting the protagonist. I had tried to pick this lock on my blind playthrough but failed to 'roll' under this skill check percentage. Wow I really got hit bad with RNG on this one. My character failed to 'roll' under the skill check a whopping 7 times. Playing the game as intended by the Devs this would have meant having restart the whole game from the beginning and replay chapter one and part of chapter two seven times in straight succession. The problem being that being fairly early in the game you don't have much in the way of skill points to nudge the RNG to work in your favour a little. Having finally succeeded in the skill 'roll' after so many attempts and accessing the shack RNG got it's immediate revenge on my success by failing the spot hidden skill 'roll' meaning my character could not spot the hidden clue in the shack.


I wonder what the devs thoughts were about having something like this where to get one of the first trophies you need to be so lucky with the RNG and essentially making players have to repeat chapter one perhaps 5 to 10 times in straight succession if you played the game as intended.


If anyone else is having such bad luck with the RNG as me you can take a big short cut on re-attempts by saving to the cloud after taking to Mitchell at the bar and then each time you fail the skill check you can download from the cloud and overwrite your local save file and try again without having to play chapter one again you just have to walk from the bar and past the shark then over to the shack and try again quite quickly. Because a save takes so long to load in this game this is still a bit of a lengthy process if you have to do it multiple times but is better than the alternative of replaying chapter one each time. I found you have to do this by a cloud save rather than reloading your last local save as failing the skill check results in your local save being instantly overwritten by an auto save and the game will not then let you retake the skill check.

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If you're fast enough, when you see you're about to fail a skill check, you can also quit the game quickly, before it auto-saves (Reloading the last checkpoint from the Pause menu might work, I'm not sure but I think I did it that way a couple of times).

Also, if you increase your Investigation skill beforehand, you'll have a higher chance succeeding in picking that lock. It's not mandatory, though.

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