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On 24.6.2020 at 3:15 AM, PlatinumTrophy said:

When is the DLC for the Korean version of this game being released? The trophy list was released for the DLC like 2 weeks ago but they still haven't added it to the PSstore to buy and earn the trophies, psnprofiles also haven't added the DLC to the website for some reason

Out now. Hard bargain glitched again. 

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15 hours ago, Ruben-Ocampo said:

Is the Japanese version's DLC compatible with this version? Or do I need to buy the DLC from the Korean store? I'm interested in completing this version but making a Korean PSN account is complicated.

Youll have to buy the korean versions' dlc. Im also not sure if this is still the case but back when i played this game there was still a disparity between the online version numbers so the korean version couldn't play with japan or others. Perhaps this is fixed though

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