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Does Sandbox mode, disable trophies?


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18 hours ago, HuntingFever said:

Thanks for the info :) but it sucks you can't make the Plat any quicker or easier by using it :(.


I understand, though if you played Theme Hospital or you like these kind of games, you're going to love this game.


I recently played Sims 4 and it fastly become boring playing legitimately. Most time spent was sleeping, eating and socialize, while aiming for your career trophies. A little help with cheats like "no need to sleep" or eat really helped my platinum and fought the boredom of the game, imo. In this case, you don't have cheats, but I never felt I need them. The game is fun and you're always managing something. Even if there were any cheats, I don't see how it could make this platinum easier (unless it was something like "100% cure for every patient"). 

These kind of games are less interesting to platinum when you rush things. It's like when you finish Detroit or Heavy Rain and you have to unlock all other endings, that need to repeat everything again and again just for some trophies.

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