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Lost Souls Solution


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Hello everyone!


I have prepared an optimal walkthrough map to Lost Souls so that we all can avoid unnecessary backtracking.




I'm using a trophy guide found here: https://www.powerpyx.com/medievil-trophy-guide-roadmap/

+ Lost Souls walkthrough which is a part of this guide: https://www.powerpyx.com/medievil-all-lost-souls-locations-solutions-lay-souls-to-rest/


But to avoid backtracking and generally make Lost Souls collecting as easy as possible i've created a simple spreadsheet that all of you can view and duplicate for yourselves:



How To: Simply use filter to sort it by a proper order column and there you go, assuming you've got Sir Sloane, you're good to go for Fisherman Formes, then Grave Keeper Kambic etc. etc.


I hope that this will help you on your road to platinum this classic gem ;) 


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