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Possible glitch fix for. I Want To Talk About It

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The trophy in question for all conversations is glitched I got all 37 twice after following a very detailed guide but still only had 36. After researching Youtube I couldn't see what I did wrong but, I did find out a couple conversations have multiple activation points. There are 2 corpses in chapter 9 when Ellie and David are surrounded in the room by infected, 1 on the floor and 1 against the wall. In my case it was the Firefly Symbol in Chapter 8 The University I think there are 3 I've used 2 and the second popped my trophy. THose who say the trophy isn't glitched might just be going to the correct conversation point in the cases where there are multiple. Lastly it is possible you died before reaching the checkpoint resetting your conversation in this case you have to get it again. I hope I was able to help you get it.

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