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Versus Ops All Rules Glitched?

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I played through every game mode, even making sure it was in the same session, and no trophy ever popped. I tried it again and still nothing. Had another player help. We are friends on PSN if that means anything. Help!

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According to the latest achievers list for this trophy, it's not buggy. I've read a lot about the game before starting it, and no one has ever mention an impossible trophy. Do you play with someone in the same region than yours ? Do you have a physical/digital copy of the game ? And your friend ? Does any of you two use the PS Now service (idk if the game is on PS Now) ?


EDIT: did you complete each match before starting a new one ?

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Maybe it's related to the region, games may not be compatible ? At least for trophies in your case.

Most of recent games with limitations on region prevent this situation by always selecting a partner from the same region than yours. You should try with someone in region 2 (USA and Canada mostly).

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