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Am I A Joke To You?


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9 minutes ago, Mark21o21 said:


am struglling with 

Am I A Joke To You? NBA 2k20 trophy, because to me it didnt pop with two controllers.

 when i have 20-0 or 21-0, maybe any suggestion? 




I could be mistaken but I read somewhere it must be done in a single quarter. Mine just came naturally. 

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14 hours ago, Rello-Evante said:

When I did it - it was me (Team 1) vs 2 Controllers (Team 2) who just ran the ball out of bounds whenever they had the ball.


But yes, I suspect you have to do this in a single quarter. You can change the quarter length in the settings and see if that helps?


No it didnt help because i always make in a single quarter. 3-4 min. quarters.


But i got trophy. My way was: 2 controllers. I scored two points with second controller and when make run with first controller 20-0, when result was 20-2, trophy poped. 

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