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Challenge trophy glitched?


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I platinumed Banner Saga 1 with no issues and switched to BS2. And I'm having major issues with Challenge trophy.

I changed the difficulty right from the menu and started the game. Have not lost a single time with Rook and after credentials - no trophy.

Then I selected hard straight from menu again, started with Alette without importing new save, have not lost a single battle, have not lost a single training challenge, and killed the last boss. No trophy. :(
What the hell I'm doing wrong? I can see some people got it but I don't want to play this game again if the trophy is soo glitched.

Please help!



after two more tries I finally got it. And I can tell you that I have no idea what I did different.

- changed difficulty to Hard from main menu first.

- imported save from BS1 (easy) with over 500 renown (Alette)

- did PS4 save export before each training camp challenge (even though never lost and never imported it)

- Never had a moment when I had to restart any battle.

- sided with the King at the end

- Won "last boss" battle.


Good luck to anyone who is trying to get it and failing. Don't give up!



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