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2 Obsidian Forrest bugs and how to fix it!


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There is a bug causeing to open the secret treasure chest and Depot even when you collected all Books and interacted with the Treasure chest map.


This bug will appear in a online co-op session. 

If you face this specific bug: 

1. Restart the game

2. Change your lobby to local session

3. Reenter Obsidian Forrest

4. Open both collectibles.


You can after those steps change your online settings back to Online. 

Hope could help ??


Best regards




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There is also a bug when you need to interact with the witch on the roof.


She will not move forward.


How to fix:

1. Be sure that your Queststep is talking to her

2. Restart the game

3. Renenter the Forrest and it should work.



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