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Does the PS3 Guide Work for the PS4 Version?


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Yeah, everything else is pretty much the same. Though I started on Normal and went into Hard and Ex-Hard with the Golden Pistol, mainly because I didn't want to make the fights harder than they needed to be. The enemies are very block-happy as is even on Normal.


Also for Mahjong, go for the Thirteen Orphans hand since it lets you win the match instantly and gain the required points you need. The tiles you need are 1-9, 1-9, 1-9, S, W, N, E, two different Dragon Tiles, and three matching Dragon Tiles. It requires some luck getting it but I think it's a lot better than playing normally.

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Its basically the same list with additional trophies from the orginal japanese release, mahjong for example wasnt in the EU version on ps3.


Here is a listing: 


Im not sure if im allowed to post a link from a different gaming site but i can only give you as a tip to use the "Yakuza 3 Remastered guide" on Gamefaq it´s full of useful tips and info and was much better for me as the one posted here on psnp. 

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My old Yakuza 3 trophies guide is available on GameFAQs. I haven't actually played the remastered PS4 edition but I did some research and went through the whole guide to highlight the differences before I re-uploaded it on the remaster page.




Incidentally I also wrote the mahjong page on the Yakuza wiki. It's an abridged guide to the rules intended for novices and it also covers all the completion requirements in every game.




Thirteen Orphans requires one each of every one, nine, wind and dragon (thirteen tiles) plus one duplicate of any of those to make a pair. Unless you're playing Yakuza 5, Kiwami or Kiwami 2 (where you can get it easily with a cheat item), it is very difficult to complete. It usually occurs in about 0.04% of winning hands - so don't expect to get or even see it very often!

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 Don't forget to Use red Dora and kuitan rule.

I just completed all the mini games and I can say I have mixed feeling for this remaster since yakuza 3 was one of my favorite games in PS3 

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