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100% trophies not unlocking

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I got all 100 Spatulas + all 80 socks but neither the 100% trophy or 100 Spatulas trophy popped. Restarting the game or reloading the save didn't work. Anyone had the same issue?


Oddly enough the game counter says 99 Spatulas, but every single one of them on the world map screen shows as gold, as well as my save file showing 100 collected.ch0QNWG.pngBascBmP.png

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5 hours ago, ChaoticFox9900 said:

Bikini Bottom - "A Wall Jump in the Bucket"


Check to see if you actually collected that spatula. In my case, the game automatically marked it as collected even though I never actually grabbed that one.

Just checked and I was indeed missing that one (it showed up as collected for me as well). Thanks for the help. :) 

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I think you are having the same problem that I had. It's not that the final Spatula is not unlocking, it's just for some reason, it will tell you that you have a golden Spatula that you don't have and that you just have to find it. For me, it was the one near the entrance to the dream level.

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