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10,000 Points Minigame

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Hey everyone,im having trouble to get the Hot blasters minigame,or whatever is called lol,i think that tye problem is that i dont have patience ,because after 4 tries or so ,i quit,ive done harder trophies in my Life but i ask you guys(if anyone sees this) do you have any tips and advice on how should i do this ? Thanks beforehand


Edit:Lol i just got it ,if someone has trouble with this in the future,heres a thing that helped me: i got aprox 2250 points at round 2 because i got a 15x multiplayer,so if you do a very good 1-4 rounds It guaranteed you are getting the trophie in that run,It also depends on civilian drops because in the run of the trophy i got dropped like 3 health UPS,so its luck basiclly ,good luck !!!!

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for future help, over heat your gun without killing enemies and use the special to one shot a group of enemies. you will get a large multiplier bonus. Dont risk a life over a civilian until you are confident you can avoid enemy shots with ease. The guide recommends that you try to get 10,000 prior to wave 15 boss, but even if you dont, i didnt feel the boss was to hard, i found myself in stickier situations in the waves prior to the boss as the boss is just pattern recognition. 

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