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Easy Way - Toy Master, Level Up and History Logs

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First: You need to make the first move.

I recommend having Stickers that up luck and especially the Sticker "BOOK", it facilitates the appearance of the logs. I got to catch 3 logs at once.


- Go to the stones where you make the offerings and have mines or even some toy you don't use.


- Keep the toy clock in hand to always advance the time for the night. Sacrifices can only be done at night.


- Keep sacrificing mines, toys and bombs, there will always be 3 chests at the end. 1 toy chest and 2 other random items, there is a great chance to see Logs in all 3 boxes.



I easily took both trophies that way.


List of toys for the trophy:


  • Bow 
  • Bowling Ball 
  • Drone
  • Golf Club 
  • Laser Ring 
  • Super Conker
  • Super Size suit 
  • The Foot
  • Vinyl Frisbee
  • Yo-yo
  • Rock ring
  • Vampire Ring
  • Shield
  • Book of the Dead
  • Speed Shoes
  • Basketball
  • Ultraball
  • Machine Gun
  • Automatic Gun



See ya!

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