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Based on what I’ve read on other forums it seems that most of the EU players are on PC due to bad marketing and a release date controversy? I found it so difficult to find other players online, not sure if this is the case in other regions. 

I’m not really a competitive fighting game player so I was just looking to get all the online trophies out of the way so I can concentrate on enjoying the rest of the game and not have to worry about those. It took me around an hour waiting to get into a ranked match and luckily I managed to win the first one for the trophy. The RPG mode coop trophies were much worse, I had to leave a help request on standby for just over 6 hours last night before someone finally joined, I’m just relieved that I managed to get them done. 
When a game has been out for a couple of years I usually expect the online playerbase to be dwindling and it sometimes will turn me away from playing a game but it’s a shame that this is the case with GBFvs as the game was only released around 4 months ago. 

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I was going to get this game as the physical premium edition, its the fact marvelous were quiet as hell with when it could be pre-ordered and then upright cancelled it when they finally announced the release date (which retailers had put and they said was a "placeholder date" again lying to customers) absolutely infuriating the playerbase, as after that other region copies of the premium edition were either raised in price or out of stock, and the only way to get the premium edition contents is to spend £85 on a game now so I'm waiting for a heavy discount, was never fussed by the season pass myself (getting tired of multiple season passes for fighting games as a whole only reason I accept DBFZ's ones is because of licenses but I do not buy them at full price) its a right shame as Arc System Works make great games but the publisher is useless :D so I'm waiting for at least 50% off before I get it, plus in general fighting games don't stay active for very long compared online, usually a month or 2 before the player base seriously declines in numbers and then your just left with the hardcore player base.

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Alot are on Steam pc as because in many ways, Esports are supporting the Pc platform more for fighting game tournaments and many sponsors like even Bud Light and many pc companies support pc gaming and how pc is more popular than consoles. I got 5th place in Granblue Versus ps4 online tournament this day too. Got 3rd place in GBVS before, few 7th place, many other times 9th place and 13th place, few 17th place too. Most of them i enter are big tournaments. I'm entering an Arc Revo America Online GBVS tournament soon and also First Attack online 2020 yes!

DBFZ is one of Arcsys largest fighting games this year lol. They got new updates too with Master Roshi and did you see the woman that is part of development team of DBFZ she said you can get kicked out of DBFZ for life if you RQ in DBFZ. Yeah one of the head developers of BNE and DBFZ said that. 

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Eu Playerbase is kinda big for Granblue Versus, but majority of competition are focused on Sf more and Tekken 7. I was in a Jojo Bizarre Adventure Fightcade 2 tournament recently and since it was open to USA and EU, so there were many EU players there too. Got 17th place out of 44 people in the Jojo Bizarre Adventure tourney i was in. For AnimEvo 2020 the games I entered were Million Arthur Arcana Blood, Vampire Saviors on Fightcade 2, Guilty Gear XX AC +R on Switch, Eternal Fighter Zero, Fight of Animals on steam, BBCF on ps4.

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