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Had a bit of downtime, haven't been too great recently. But have managed to get a few more done:



89 and 90. Rabisco+

A very easy game where you play as some slime slug thing collecting stars. Not much to say really.


Last Trophy: 12S953636.png They shine - You've found at least three gems!



91 and 92. Infestor

A puzzle platformer where you are an alien with the ability to use humans as a host. Each type of human has a different ability which you need to use to progress. It's pretty easy and straight forward. Also no need to finish the whole game, again.


Last Trophy: 13S8cb2fd.png Level 50 - Complete level 50.



93. Kingdom Hearts II

Got the 1st game done for my last rain day, now I've got the 2nd one ready again. Did the same as when I platinumed the PS3 version, 1 playthrough just finishing on Critical and a 2nd getting everything else done (was not in the mood to deal with the data battles on Critical). Finishing the game on Critical isn't too bad, you need to make sure you're a decent level.


Last Trophy: 37Sc7e287.png Treasure Hunter - Collect all Treasures in Jiminy's Journal.



94. Dungeon Escape

Another pretty simple game. You're a square and you just need to avoid spikes and various enemies to find a key which will open the door to the next level. Pretty much how every level is structured.


Last Trophy: 13Sa7f3c6.png Jumping III - Beat level 18



95. Alien Destroyer

This game was harder when played on the PS5, but they fixed the move speed. So that's good I guess. It's an FPS where you just fend off a bunch of alien ships, it's fairly easy to take them out. Not a great game, but was only 79p, so didn't expect much.


Last Trophy: 22Sdb1ad2.png  Black king - Destroy the black king



96. Hellbreachers

Another one by both Eastasiasoft and Ratalaika. It's an easy platformer with 3 characters to play as. This would have been 2 ready, but the PS5 version glitched and gave me the trophy for coins collected earler than stated on the description. So I managed to plat it by accident, yay.


Last Trophy: 13S1ef283.png Coin Collector Lvl 3 - Collect 5,000 coins



97 and 98. One Escape

Another easy Ratalaika game. It's a stealth platformer where you can pick from 3 characters. And to the surprise of nobody, you don't need to play through the whole game.


Last Trophy: 15S33bf73.png Great jackpot, GOR - Get the 3 wads of money with Gorilla



99. Space 2: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

A side scrolling space shooter, which is super easy thanks to the easy to activate god mode. Just hold down when you press X to start the game. I just made sure not to shoot anything I didn't need to so save the score based trophies until last, so just need to get 1000 points for the plat.



100. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

I almost gave up with this. So many times where I got a win streak of 3 or 4, only to lose to something random. It got infuriating. So yes, I used the private game method that was discovered recently and got it out of the way. To all those who earned this the proper way, I'm sorry. The trophies otherwise are fairly tame, most of which you'll get eventually. It's a fun game and still seems to have a decent number of people playing. Always managed to start a game fairly quickly.


Last Trophy: 7S9c04a6.png  Head Turner - Equip a legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece


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So I've just recently started playing Stardew Valley and have been really enjoying it. I am planning on getting it ready but it is a time consuming one (honestly been having tons of fun with it, time just seems to fly by when I play it). I have managed to get some more ready though:




101. American Football: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

Oh yeah, got a few more of these ready. You just run and jump over some guys running towards you. It does get a little bit annoying on the later levels but nothing that's too challenging. Good thing is if you close the game before quitting after a game, you don't unlock the trophy for playing a game, so a nice and quick one for the day.


Last Trophy: 2S5031cb.png Play one round of football - Play one round of football




102. Avoid Them: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

Another simple game where you just need to avoid falling boulders. This was made much easier due to a glitch which gives you infinite lives. 


Last Trophy: 12S5ef15e.png Score 30000 points - Score 30000 points




103. Catch the Bowling Balls: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

Do exactly what it says, catch those bowling balls! Another one where you can not unlock the trophy if you close down the game.


Last Trophy: 12Sdf8881.png Play one round of the game - Play one round of the game




104. Our Church and Halloween RPG; Story One

This is another game from the guys that did the Breakthrough Arcade games. A very short RPG where all you do is run through some corridors and then back again. There i the challenge mode which adds invisible holes which you have to memorise the locations of. There's a trophy for finishing the game quickly and without falling into a hole. Took quite a few tries but I managed it in the end.


Last trophy: 10S8aece9.png Complete the game within the target time - Complete the game within the target time




105. Sound Shapes

This is one I platinumed way back when it was released. My son recently decided to play it just gave me the urge to play through it again. Got the US version and actually didn't struggle too much with death mode. There were a couple of levels that were very strict with the time given, but it is done again, bring on my 4th Sound shapes plat.


Last Trophy: 23S09e4ed.png Beat School: Straight Up - Complete the Beat School level.




106 and 107. Super Destronaut DX-2

A sequel which really doesn't feel much different to be honest. It's a bit like space invaders with some power ups. It's a Ratalaika Game, so you only need to play through half the game for the plat.


Last Trophy: 12Se99f63.png Eridanus - Reach 5K in Hardcore Mode




108. Bullet Beat

I had no idea what this game was, but my son wanted to play it so I thought why not. It's a shooter which is synced up to the music. It's not too bad. You can play through on Casual, so it's pretty easy to finish. It did remind me that I need to go back to Just Shapes and Beats and get that ready, just need to do a bunch of grinding for all those beat points.


Last Trophy: 11S543685.png Level 8-3 - Beat level 8-3




109. Void Gore

A top down spaceship shooter where I guess you're flying through hell taking out demons. It starts off pretty challenging but you're able to upgrade your ship, which makes it much easier. Didn't take too long to get ready.


Last Trophy: 16Sbbab6b.png Shield Killer III - Kill 64 foes with your shield




110 and 111. Gutwhale

This was a weird one. You carry one bullet at a time and have to pick it up again to fire another shot. A very short game which you can finish the game in about 2 mins if you do well enough. Died a few time when I first started it as i wasn't ready for how the enemies moved. You die after taking a couple of hits. Once you've learned the enemy attack patterns it gets a little easier.


Last Trophy: 8S3ee4d4.png 10 COMBO - Get a combo of 10 (PS4)



                      10S0ec189.png  KILL 50 FROGS - Kill up to 50 frogs (accumulative) (PS5)



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So I've been updating the list on the first page, now I need to remember what all the games I've played were like. So quite a few games ready over the past couple of months:




112. Golf Zero

Another fairly easy game, it's a mix of golf and the platforming of Super Meat Boy. Trying to angle some of the shots while jumping can be a little bit annoying, but nothing too challenging.


Last Trophy: 4S952332.png  Hole in one - Get gold and use only one ball in level 9.




113. More Dark

A puzzle game where you play as demon making his way through various rooms. Puzzles involve pushing boxes to create paths to traverse the level. It's not too hard to figure out what you need to do and it's Ratalaika, so no need to play through the whole game for the plat.


Last Trophy: 9S30b0b7.png  Sandwich Time - Crush an enemy with a box.




114 and 115. Donuts 'N' Justice

An arcade style sidescrolling shooter where you play as a cop taking out various gangs. It's a pretty short game and you can set the difficulty to easy.


Last Trophy: 9S4a7c90.png Well-dressed - Buy your first hat. (PS4 and PS5)




116 and 117. Rift Racoon

A platformer where you play as a racoon with the ability to teleport. You use this to pass by walls and make longer jumps. It's not bad, fairly easy to plat. You only need to play through a few levels to get the plat.


Last Trophy: 17S8f888a.png Gem III - Collect three gems (PS4 and PS5)




118 and 119: Kingdom of Arcadia

Not gonna lie, I can't remember what the actual story of this game was. It's a platformer with some RPG elements. You can collect coins which can be used to purchase things like more health and improved weapons. Only need to play through the first couple of portals and you need to make sure you get all the collectibles in these.


Last Trophy: 18Sacd840.png Level Up Knives - Upgrade your knife (PS4 and PS5)




120: Demon's Tier+

I enjoyed Riddled Corpses so thought I'd give one of their other games a go. It's another twin stick shooter where you can select various characters, each with their own stats. It requires multiple playthroughs and was pretty fun.


Last Trophy: 19S0bab7b.png Meta-key - Get the meta-key from the shop




121 and 122: Barry the Bunny

Another platformer, this time you play a bunny. In each level you need to save other bunnies by finding 3 logs in the level. This will allow you to make a bridge, which let's the bunny go home. You can also throw hammers at enemies. Very easy and once again, no need to play through the whole game.


Last trophy: 8S66ca37.png   A lot of Bunnies - Save 25 bunnies. (PS4 and PS5)




123 and 124: Apple Slash

A top down hack and slash with a unique art style. You just kinda run around flailing a sword about taking out a bunch of slimes in the way. Another very short and easy game. You do have to make sure you find all of the keys but they're pretty easy to find.


Last Trophy: 10S924c91.png  Secret Concert - Find the secret concert. (PS4 and PS5)




125. Towere of Balloons: Otterific Arcade

Another fairly basic game You're a dragon thing and you have to bounce on balloons to keep yourself airborne. There are also other dragons which you need to attack. That's basically the whole game. Nice and easy.


Last Trophy: 28S1aef07.png Nowhere to Go But Up! - Die while the effects of the golden balloon are active.




126. Space Intervention

It's space invaders, but easier. Nothing much to say about it.


Last Trophy: 22Sa00638.png 10500 - Get 10500 points




127 and 128. Bone Marrow

A mix of those sliding merge games and RPG, I actually liked this one. It can be a little confusing to begin but it's not too bad. You can get attack and defence stats based on the objects you pick up. This also applies to enemies, so you need to make sure that when you move everything you don't buff them up too much. Every move subtracts based on the stats when you attack an enemy, so you need to ensure you have more health than the enemy when attacking.


Last Trophy: 7S230563.png  Snake charmer - Kill a snake. (PS4 and PS5)




129 and 130. Freddy Spaghetti 2

A sequel to that spaghetti game. This time you're working in an office. I preferred the story in the first game as it got silly towards the end, this one was ok. There's a few repeated levels, they just get slightly more difficult on the later ones. It's still a very easy game to finish.


Last Trophy: 41S1e2926.png  Level 40 - Complete Level 40 (PS4 and PS5)




131 and 132: Blitz Breaker

This was alright. You play as a robot which you control by launching yourself off the wall. It's a puzzle game, you need to make sure that the moves you make don't end up getting you destroyed. Once you pick a direction, you keep flying until you hit another wall. There's a couple of bosses that once you figure out their moves are fairly easy to beat. Another game where you don't need to play through all of it.


Last Trophy: 10S5c9fed.png Demise Rejecter III - Die 150 times (PS4 and PS5)




133 and 134. Orbibot

You control a ball, making your way through the levels. It's another fairly simple game, involving using switches to open gates and really awkward rails that the ball just refuses to stay on sometimes. You only need to play the first few levels for the plat.


Last Trophy: 12S797ed4.png Cat collector - Get 3 different cats. (PS4)


                      10Sc5f77d.png  I will prevail - Push 5 different spheres from the level into the sky. (PS5)





135. MouseBot: Escape from CatLab

My son asked me to get this as he's played it on his tablet, thought why not. You control a mouse which is constantly moving forwards, avoiding various traps set throughout each level. It takes multiple playthroughs of each level, as if you're going for all the cheese, you won't meet the time requirement. All the levels a fairly doable, there was one which I did struggle with finishing in time. Had a look online and turns out a lot of people had trouble with it. Playing normally won't allow you to finish quick enough, you have to jump and turn before each turn, which saves a bit of time. It's the only level I had to do that on.


Last Trophy: 2S0325fb.png  Egg Stomper - Collect the Easter Egg in Chapter 1.





136. Witch Hunter

A very easy runner. This was more of a grind than actually challenging. It's not a great game, got very repetitive towards the end. But it didn't take too long to get ready, so could've been worse.


Last Trophy: 11S8e615c.png Jumper - Complete level 10 of achievements





137. Spectrewoods

I don't even know what this is meant to be. There's a wedding, then you randomly have a gun. Then you just wander through the woods shooting some ghosts, then you fight a blue ghost which takes a little longer to take out. Then it ends. It was only about 20p, so very cheap and easy plat.


Last Trophy: 10S9054b3.png The Inevitable - die





138. Ghostrunner

This game was really good. Enemies will kill you in 1 hit, so you have to make the most of your free running and dodging ability to maneuver and take out all the enemies in each area. You will die a lot but with a bit of practice, you learn the best way of dealing with enemies and it just feels great when you finally make some progress. The PS5 version is apparently coming out soon, so maybe I'll be able to get it ready again if it's a free upgrade (and it if has a separate trophy set)


Last Trophy: 22S16aae2.png Push it to the limit - Fill up GR-SCP so that there are no empty slots left




139 and 140. Dojaran

Alright, back to the easy games again. Another platformer, you're a frog in this one. You can run, jump and use walls to progress. There's also various traps to avoid and no need to play through the whole game.


Last Trophy: 11S385615.png  Talisman Collector - Get the talisman on 5 different levels. (PS4 and PS5)





141 and 142. Catlateral Damage Remeowstered

I enjoyed the original one, so got the remeowstered one. It's plays a little different. Levels are no longer time based, instead it uses an energy system. Running, jumping and swatting will drain your energy bar and the level ends once this has been depleted. You can get permanent upgrades this time, such as jump height, speed and energy level. I prefer this over the old system, much less stressful than trying to meet the requirements to progress. Overall, I had fun with this.


Last Trophy: 31Sda6c17.png  Furiends Furever! - Unlock all playable cats (PS4 and PS5)




143 and 144: Don't Touch This Button!

A puzzle game where the solution to each level is the opposite to the hint that is given. A couple took me a little longer to work out but it is manageable. Second playthrough on the PS5 was much quicker, as I knew what to do. Was a decent puzzle game.


Last Trophy: 11Sd4852b.png  It Was Hard - Spend two minutes to complete one level (PS4)


                      10S2c08c9.png  Lasers - Death by lasers (PS5)





145 and 146: Crisis Wing

Another eastasiasoft space shooter. This wasn't as easy as some of their other ones, but is still manageable. Hardest part is boss rush, took a few attempts to meet the required score.


Last Trophy: 9S5a4f50.png Blue Ship - Play One Player Mode with the blue ship (PS4 and PS5)




147. Dangerous Driving

This was fun to begin with. It's like the older burnout games. What I came to realise the further I got was just how bad the rubber banding is. If you crash, they're going to overtake you. Crashing right near the end can be very frustrating. What's worse is the game has persistent wrecks feature. Basically if either you or your opponents crash, it leaves their wreck on the track for the rest of the race. For races with 4 laps or more, it just becomes a minefield. So it's better to avoid taking out opponents, which goes against what you'd usually do in this type of game. The end grind for driving miles with all the cars and 1000 for one of the cars was so pointless. It's there for the sake of being a trophy, there's no way you'd drive that much playing naturally. Still it's an ok game, just has a couple of annoying features.


Last Trophy: 40Sc849a3.png Survival of the Fittest - Empty a full Boost Bar in one go in Survival



So yeah, that's about it for now. Still working on Stardew every now and again, it's gonna take a while to make 10mil G. Got some other games I've started which I need to get round to but I'm getting there. Also, almost half way to my target of 300 games ready :) 





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Posted (edited)

A few more ready, which has now got me past the half way point:




148. Ghostrunner (PS5)

So the only trophies that autopopped were 3 of the collectible trophies. The trophy for collecting all the swords didn't unlock, they've made it so you need to get the sword for finishing Waves mode. So I did that first and then just started a new game and got the rest of the trophies. Playing in 120hz was nice and smooth. There were some issues with the audio on a couple of levels. It would start repeating sections of the BGM and sometimes just stop playing. Otherwise, was all good.


Last Trophy: 22S928533.png Push It To The Limit - Fill up GR-SCP so that there are no empty slots left




149. Freakout: Calamity TV Show

A top down twin stick shooter. Was alright, nothing remarkable. Was on sale for about £2, so thought I might as well give it a go. Took about 2 hours to get ready.


Last Trophy: 8Se8eea4.png I Love Buttons - Push more than 10 times the buttons of the factory level




150. Mystic Fate

Another game that was on sale, it has an interesting mechanic where you use coins to drag yourself across gaps. These can also be used to attack enemies. Another fairly quick game to finish.


Last Trophy: 11Sc4b597.png Know how to listen - Talk to all the villagers 





151. Gleamlight

A platformer which is basically Hollow Knight with no exploration and super easy combat (basically everything that made Hollow Knight great). The hardest trophy was the one for dying 100 times, that's how easy it was. What I realised shortly after dying a few times when I started going for the trophy was that it seemed to take longer each time to get yourself killed. It seems there's a mechanic that give your character more health the more you die. So eventually it took about 3 mins of constantly getting damaged and draining your colour using abilities (the colour of your character is an indication of your health) to get killed. My first death took about 12 seconds. I spent more time going for the 100 deaths trophy than I did for finishing the multiple playthroughs for the rest of the trophies.


Last Trophy: 22Sabe265.png  What Lies Ahead? - Defeated the dark being within a new journey.

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152 and 153. Bouncy Bullets 2

So apparently it needed a sequel. Just more of the same, an FPS platformer where you have to use the correct coloured bullet to take out the enemies. Very easy and no need to play through the whole game.


Last Trophy: 12S1cbad5.png Speedrunner - Complete your first Speedrun Mode level.





154. Stardew Valley

There we go, only took about 120 hours but it's finally ready. Had tons of fun with this. It's a nice mix of farming and dungeon crawling.


Last Trophy: 16S9743da.png Gourmet Chef - Cook every recipe. 


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Another month, another batch of games to add to the list:




155. Concrete Genie

Got this free with PS Plus a few months back, only just got round to playing it. I enjoyed this one, the art style is really cool. You spend the first half of the game lighting up areas by painting on the walls near lightbulbs. You also have the ability to paint Genies. There are multiple types each with their own ability to help you progress to other areas. The 2nd half completely switches up the gameplay and it becomes an action game, where you fight off the shadows. It's a fairly short game, but an enjoyable one.


Last Trophy: 46S477fb4.png Living Photo - Use the replay feature in the Photo Mode.




156 and 157. Gleylancer

I think this was a game originally released on the Sega Megadrive. You can set it to autoplay the entire game for you (if you really can't be bothered to play it) which will automatically award you with the plat. It's not a hard game, so I just played through it anyway. I actually ended up playing it 3 times, was testing on my other account if you could quicksave right before it awards you with the last trophy. I reloaded it and got the plat, so this will be an nice quick one on the day.


Last Trophy: 12Sefe3ad.png Good Ending - Get the good ending!



158. Maze: Pedestal of Trials

You just walk around a series of mazes, collecting coins to unlock the exit. There were a couple where I did get a bit lost, spent ages on 1 trying to find the last bloody coin. That's about it really.


Last Trophy: 22Sd165df.png Take It All In - Stand on the corner by the Finish overlooking the entirety of Maze 6.




159. Zombo Buster Rising

I'm guessing this was a mobile game. You have to fend off zombies as they make their way towards your base. It's one of those games that starts off difficult but get easier as you grind to get upgrades for your characters. You control one of them while the other 3 attack automatically. Didn't take too long to get ready.


Last Trophy: 25Sfe8d3d.png Captain ZBR - Fully upgrade all characters.




160. Beach Buggy Racing 2

My son has this on his tablet and asked if I could get it. Played the first one a while back and thought might as well, I like Kart racers. Just felt like more of the same, it even had a few tracks from the first game. Thankfully it wasn't as grindy as the first one, but there are still a decent number of challenges to complete. Some of them I ended up using 4 controllers as they were very specific with some of the requirements, just made it a bit quicker to get finished.


Last Trophy: 14S3c0345.png Egg-static!!! - Find 5 Easter Eggs.




161-165: Zippy the Circle

I have no idea why this wasn't just 1 game, but whatever. Each set of levels doesn't take long to play through, probably say between 5-10 mins each.


Last Trophies: 


Levels 1 and 2:          5S8307ba.png Get the medal for level 1 - Get the medal for level 1


Levels 3 and 4:          10Sf1f44d.png Get the medal for level 3 - Get the medal for level 3


Levels 5, 6 and 7:      3S644afc.png Get the medal for Level 5 - Get the medal for Level 5


Levels 8, 9 and 10:     8S1e2e8c.png Get the medal for Level 9 - Get the medal for Level 9


Levels 11, 12 and 13: 12S758c5b.png Get the medal for Level 13 - Get the medal for Level 13




166. Lady in a Leotard with a Gun

You play as a Lady in a Leotard with a Gun.


Last Trophy: 2Sd1ce40.png Deadly - Beat first level without taking any damage




167: Control

Finally got round to playing Control, it was really good. The abilities you get are just fun to use (throwing stuff is very OP, ended up just chucking stuff at everything that moved). Only had a couple of issues with it. The map is not the easiest to use for navigation. It can be very difficult to work out how you have to get the certain areas. Also, they removed the ability to dash upwards, making it difficult to reach some of the hidden areas. I'm glad I waited though and played it on my PS5 though, looking at the framerate dips on the video I used to help with the hidden area locations was really bad. It ran really well when I played it. Will probably get the PS5 version ready at some point as well.


Last Trophy: 3S08a63b.png Non-Standard Issue - Upgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3




168: Earth's Dawn

Saw this on PS Now and it looked pretty cool. It's plays kinda like Muramasa Rebirth, just not as fast. The male characters look a bit weird in this though, their heads just look larger than they should be. You can use a variety of weapons such as Swords, Bows and Guns. A lot of people were saying that this was a grindy game to plat but as long as you switch out weapons to get the required number of hits for each, it actually doesn't take too long to plat. Think it took me just over 20 hours, which is nothing compared to some other games.


Last Trophy: 21S5effb5.png Superhuman - Learn all skills




169. Puzzle Frenzy

It's a collection of various different types of puzzle. An easy one to plat, you just need to finish 5 of each type.


Last Trophy: 20Sf3339e.png CC_Ultimate - Color Connect Champion…




170: Glass Masquerade

A very relaxing game where you need to reform a stained glass puzzle. Currently playing through the 2nd one, which is gonna take a little longer to do. The 1st one is a little easier as you don't need to rotate the pieces.


Last Trophies: 5S7c2f10.png Britain - Complete the Britain gallery


                         28Scbffdf.png  Appreciated Visitor - Thanks for visiting the International Times Exhibition!




171 and 172: A Pretty Odd Bunny

I think this was by Ratalaika (you don't have to play through the whole game). A simple stealth game where you need to sneak past some bunnies to eat the pig at the end of the level. There are some coins to find as well, but they're all fairly easy to find.


Last Trophy: 14S38f50e.png Beach time! - Visit Piggy Island.




173: Dynasty Warriors 8

Started playing this back when it was first released, so about 8 years ago. I like warriors games, but the post game grind always ends up being repetitive. I still need to max out some more bonds, but I'll get this done eventually. All the annoying RNG trophies are done, so I'm adding it to the list.


Last Trophy: 36S3d16ca.png Vocal Enthusiast - Listen to all of the voice lines within the Gallery.




174: Finger Fitness

An easy game where you just push the triggers a bunch. You can get upgrades which give you more per push, plus some creatures which give you points over time.


Last Trophy: 6Sa164d3.png Pet: Froggy - Get the pet Froggy to help




175 and 176: Gynoug

Another Ratalaika release of an old game. There are cheats which can be used, such as infinite lives, magic and invincibility. Just did the same thing as Gleylacer, made a quick save right before it gives you the last trophy.


Last Trophy: 7Sccf61f.png Round 6 Clear - Complete Round 6 




177: Nextgen Sandbox

There's a whole bunch of games in the Indies Sale, got this for £2. There's not really much gameplay in this, you just spawn in various objects and just mess about. The trophies are fairly straight forward, often requiring you to use a combination of objects.


Last Trophy: 4Sb59055.png Meteorologists - Change the weather to night, rain, day and snow, be a news anchor.




178. Skatemasta Tcheco

Did the PS4 version on my last plat rain, time to do it again I guess.


Last Trophy: 8S2ed742.png Livin' on the edge - Choose not to save your game when prompted




179 and 180: Virtuous Western

A puzzle game where you need to pick up bullets and shoot the enemies in the correct order. It's fairly simple to work out what you need to do. You also get the throw some dynamite on a couple of levels.


Last Trophy: 10S6f506b.png THREE BULLETS - Collect 3 bullets in the same stage




181. Zombie Driver: immortal Edition

The PS4 version of a game that was originally on the PS3. I never actually got round to playing it, saw that I could download this for free the other day and remembered that we got it free on the PS3 a while back. Gave it go and really enjoyed it. The camera is top down, so when it came to the racing, you have to keep glancing at the minimap to react to oncoming turns as you can't see in front of you. The AI gets very aggressive on the later tournaments, but it wasn't so bad that it was frustrating. The story wasn't too difficult, did die a few times on 1 of the bosses. It's fun just driving through hordes of zombies.


Last Trophy: 13S240bbd.png Pimp Car - Fully upgrade one car in Story mode.




182: Zombie Driver HD

So yeah, I went back to the PS3 version and finally played it. Was hard going back to it though, the framerate struggled to keep up at times when there's lots happing on screen.


Last Trophy: 13Sfd2e2c.png Pimp Car - Fully upgrade one car in Story mode.




183: Bravematch

Another game in the Indies Sale, a very easy game. Just save up money for the best equipment, then win. It's a match game where you use the symbols to either attack, defend, get mana or get gold.


Last Trophy: 21S390c32.png Imbydiag - From the ashes of warriors of the past...




184: Telsa vs Lovecraft (PS5)

Saw this for £2 and I really enjoyed it the last time I played it. Once again I played through without buying any Meta upgrades, which would have made it much easier. But it is doable, just gets slightly frustrating when you rely on getting a good weapon or upgrade and you just end up getting swarmed.


Last Trophy: 19S2793df.png Meta Upgrade - Purchase a meta upgrade 


So there we go, not too bad for 1 month. Almost up to 200 games ready.


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