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The Video Game Caption Game!


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:D Hello, and welcome to the Video Game Caption Game! :D

Basically how the caption game will work is that I will post a picture below, and everyone else will get to take that picture, and post a caption for it. Then, after we've gotten a couple of people to post some witty captions, the voting will start! During this time, no more captions can be made. Instead, people can vote on what they think is the best, wittiest, and funniest caption! The person who receives the most votes for their caption will then get to post a new picture, so the fun can keep on going!

When posting a caption, be sure that you're not too inappropriate. We want to keep the forums (relatively) clean, so don't say anything too inappropriate or else you'll be banned from the game. :angry:

If you still don't understand how to write a caption, I'll give you a few options.

1) Write what the characters in the picture could be saying in that situation.

2) Write something from a 3rd-person angle, describing the scene.


4) Go for the lulz! Try to make it funny! Follow either 1 or 2, but be sure to make it funny!

I'll start it off with a picture from Uncharted:


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