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1 hour ago, JayDeLosDioses said:

Hellow everybody, it's a me, Jay.


Using the Halloween sale to do something crazy!

I am adding to my list:

The Witcher 3 - Complete Edition


Some of you might remember that I've played Witcher 3 - GOTY in my first backlog challenge exactly a year ago.

For whatever reason the NA and EU version are called differentely and have extra trophy stacks, so a year and 10 days later...70sdcpjsye641.jpg


Added bonus:

Getting the platinum or 100% for the NA version would also mean, that I've got the full set in 100% for the Witcher 3 base game, 100% for the Witcher 3 GOTY Edition and 100% for the Witcher 3 Complete Edition.

I know that a lot of people frown when people stack the same game multiple times on their profile, but it's for one of the greatest games of this generation (and it's not quick and easy :D


@JayDeLosDioseswow! That is a task! How long does it take you to plat  the Witcher?



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1 hour ago, Xenoblast91 said:

UPDATE 3.0.: Mid-month, so it’s report time! These have been unexpected busy days for me, since have 4 games to play simultaneously, got a new job and have a training program for a CrossFit competition that’s going to be next month in which I’ll be participating with a partner and the sessions have been insanely intense (this is another hobby of mine, which has helped me to stay in a very good shape, healthy and attentive for other areas in my life). But feel great overall! The month has been a mayhem in regards for PSN and their decision towards the platforms, and despite this is only the dawn for the upcoming PS5 I disagree with few of the corporate choices that Sony has made in these days. This is making me mad at moments but I remember that I must change my overview on that matter and focus better on playing, which is what bring us today here, of course!


Few objectives have been achieved since the progression for the games are slow rather than difficult (aside from 2; more of that in a moment). Been playing super causally Rocket League with some friends on and off, the trophies are pretty straight forward but since the game doesn’t figure in the main list and can’t consider it as a proper for the challenge but it is from a personal standpoint anyway. Although, few requires hours of play I guess they’ll come naturally, exactly as I like the trophies to be. Overall, I’ve got 51% on it, so there’s still other stuff to finish before I can tackle this game in its fullest.  

  1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered – 0%27a1.png100%
  2. GTA V 26%27a1.png33%
  3. Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – 7%27a1.png40%
  4. Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades – 0%
  5. Final Fantasy VII [OG] – 0%
  6. Lego Marvel’s Super Heroes 2 – 0%
  7. Psychonauts – 0%
  8. Doom Eternal – 0%
  9. Star Wars Battlefront II – 0%
  10. Cuphead – 0%

        Swaps used - 1/5: 
       Assassin's Creed Origins
27a1.pngGTA V


Now, coming to the core of my progression, GTA Online has proved to be an experience. I can recall my fond memories playing GTA San Andreas back in the day, and this has revived my likeness for this saga. @Mihold which needs a special mention here, as he has giving me a significant hand with few of the trophies, since both of us are committed for the fully 100% of the game; we already beat the OG Heists and now we’re focusing on the Doomsday Heists. Also, he introduced me into a community crew in-game which are primarily concerned with grinding businesses for money, which was a huge boost in order to prepare ourselves for this indomitable task. However, 2 of the trophies in that DLC seem daunting (and truly are!): Elitist and Masterminds Challenges. The first, requires us to beat certain goals within the final mission on a series of levels called Acts, which are 3 in total. The second, refers to redo the whole DLC or Heists in order, on hard difficulty, with the same team, without dying and doing all preparation missions, without any skip and to top of it you must do it 3 times (one run with 2 people, second with 3 and the final with a team of 4). Well… Yes, sounds super tedious, and truly is. We screwed both on them but the good part (if any), is that we're becoming better on them. We just need to finish Act III, and we have memorized and mastered that part. Now, we must rerun the thing in the 2 team Challenge and try the Elitist in that run too. If not, we should wait for the other Mastermind run in order to achieve it. So guys, please: if you want to help us or know anyone interested in giving us a hand in regards this crazy challenge, I’ll greatly appreciate your help towards that. (Looking for committed players is a challenge in itself for sure.)


That was a huge rant or may be a good relief in this thing (what’ve done…).


Ok, on the other hand we have the Fourth Ninja War and the consequences it has for our beloved blond teenage thirsty for recognition and colossal willpower. I’ve been playing the Story Mode at parts, and the best thing is that is dubbed! I started watching the series in Latin Spanish when it came out in Cartoon Network in 2007 for North America, so I feel a huge punch of nostalgia in that matter. I have no idea in that time that the anime existed, so my first touch with it was directly through commercial TV, and I’m super glad that it happened that way. Now on the game itself, I managed to play to almost half of it but still few things left to do. However, as this challenge requires us to 100% a game, I’m hesitating to let the game only with the plat and wait until December if Sony cares to low down prices for DLCs since the only one for this game costs $20USD, an amount that I believe is unfair considering that it only gives you 3 trophies but a good deal if you like the game and want a true expansion that gives you a glimpse for the sequel of the series and enjoy the gameplay and features that the title provides you. I’m here for the trophies so yeah, isn’t a good deal to me at all. But I don’t know, what do you guys think?


When finishing all this chaos I expect to play something more relaxed, just to calm the nerve and help me to focus my real life stuff as this is demanding in every aspect. But aside that, I can stay firmly that I can do it and I’ll manage to beat finally this as the whole year I couldn’t and left many games incomplete, as TLOU stands in that way since August. Sigh. I hope to plat that one soon, or maybe not. Who knows? However, the list grows and grows, and since the wish list from PS Store is going to be removed, I used the feature here on PSN Profiles that allows you to track your wish lists and other games that you have in mind to finish. Oh! And I almost forget. I purchased a game that has been under the radar since the last year, and I want to try it: Ghostrunner. You know, cyberpunk fast-paced action packed with lots of blood while using a katana? Heck, and absolute yes, of course! So let’s see if I can add it or swap it for the other one listed here.


I think this has been the longest post I’ve ever written, so sorry for the long post and the time for this, but you’re not required to read the misadventures of this clumsy and sometimes unaware common dude, LOL.


Alright guys, Xenoblast91 over and out this time and see you in the next update! Happy to read the progress of all of you and wish you stay on the same vibe and tune! Blessings and happy hunting! ;) 

If I may ask, when you say Cross Fit.

Do you mean that thing were ppl lift with really bad form and do thier pull ups incorrectly?

Im only asking cus I wouldnt want you to end your fittness joungry before it even starts.

Also Im really not trying to offend.

Just looking out and possibly learn something new if Im totally wrong. 😅


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19 hours ago, Wild-Arms-R said:

If I may ask, when you say Cross Fit.

Do you mean that thing were ppl lift with really bad form and do thier pull ups incorrectly?

Im only asking cus I wouldnt want you to end your fittness joungry before it even starts.

Also Im really not trying to offend.

Just looking out and possibly learn something new if Im totally wrong. 1f605.png

Well yes, but actually no. 


By you saying people lifting in the bad form, I can agree with that. CrossFit itself is a brand, but the techniques used in the training itself come from powerlifting, weightlifting, calisthenics, aerobic training, acrobatics and plyometrics. Has an array of methods, but I myself suffer from a bad positioning while an exercise called "Power Clean". There are 3 critical positions in doing so, and in the 2nd I tend to lift a little bit my hips while that shouldn't happen, which can cause an injury on my lower back. But that's why you require technique and that's why many people don't grasp about it.


With respect to the poorly executed pull ups, again there's a technique for that. You need to do a kipping movement in order to develop that exercise. I can agree that it can have an impact on your tendons and muscles, but since you can train slowly to that point you shouldn't worry about it. The secret in everything is progression. That's the only way you can improve. At the box I'm attending there's so rookies now that the coaches must take care that they're doing the exercises according to their skills and so. 


LOL no, of course! I've been doing this since 2 years now almost 3 in fact, so no worries. I'm glad that I can explain this to you, and if you're curious about this please don't hesitate to ask any other questions about it! ;)

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