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Beware, this game has a lot of glitched/buggy or unclear trophies, even with guides explications. I'll try to point out the difficulties i found for people who will play this. Hope this helps someone.


1)"crow's nest"(discover 10 pirate nests) - some guides says it's bugged, but for me unlocked right at 10th nest discovered with the right method. The point is that you can discover a nest in 3 ways: buying informations in taverns, let the time pass so they will eventually get discovered, follow pirate ships to where they disappear and once they reappears you have your nest. The only method counting is the 3rd. In the trader campaign you will have max 5 nests per time and in the beginning it's easy to let them get discovered automatically without caring. I started discovering them only after 8 already discovered in the wrong way. Also, when you find a nest, let the pirate ship that guided you there go away, it will build another nest shortly after.


2) "There, i fixed it!"(perform an emergency repair) - different guides give different values of healt or explications. I let my ships travel in trading routes, the problem is that when they land on a port with 5-10% health they will automatically repair inside the port, not giving me the trophy. Ship must reach 1-2% health WHILE on the sea. I just throw a linier against a pirate nest, let 1 ship live, depleted all the movement speed of that ship and almost all of his health and let it damage me badly. Then i won the fight and simply manually travelled around the map avoiding ports to deplete remaing health under 2%


3)"Off the back of a lorry"(DLC, plunder 30.000 barrels in piracy mode) and "Hunt for booty" (loot 25.000 barrels) - I went for both of them in the Pirate campaign(DLC). I simply built a handful of  powerful convoys and sent them looting automatically. The fact is that "Hunt for booty" popped a couple of minutes after "off the back of a lorry". I have no clue why this happened, but in other forums people mentioned the same issue


4)"Self made"(DLC, built 10 linier in shipyard) - At first i didn't realize i had to build each one in a different shipyard or it doesn't count. Then i unlocked this trophy only at my 12th linier built in different shipyards.




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I want to point out one thing about the 10 nests.


The trophy is definitely bugged for a good amount of people, and I was aware that only the 3rd method counts, yet I discovered a lot more than 10 nests before the trophy popped. There is a good trick which is valid, basically you can do a save before you buy the info about the nest location, then buy it, reload your save and you already know where the nest is (more or less) without that you have to buy the info and invalidate the nest from counting.

I'd suggest to work on this one trophy later on when you work on the 25 cities trophy as you will then have an unlimited amount of gold (also taking a nest will increase the reputation with the nations which is very helpful after you take a city with hostile method; since you could end in doing this often, then you may also unlock the trophy in the process) and can fast forward the time of months for new nests to pop without nothing else to worry about.




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