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Can't beat the third enemy in Virtual On. Any tips?


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I am trying to do the Haruka request where you have to beat the third enemy in Virtual On. I am finding this to be impossible. The third guy dodges everything I throw at him and also does a green spiked ball attack which is very hard to avoid. I'm finding this harder than any other minigame in the series. I've platinumed 0, Kiwami and 6 and none of the minigames were as hard as this. It's harder than Mahjong and Karaoke for me. How did you guys do it?

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I was the pink girl robot, like 4 from the left


Hide behind hospital building or whatever it’s supposed to be


Jump, strafe left/right while in air, shoot gun, land, repeat


It took some trial and error but it’d make me more successful at avoiding the spiked ball

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