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13 minutes ago, JoesusHCrust said:

Wooooooo! I just finished playing the game. It took be bloody ages because I was being ultra cautious trying to get the 'foxiest of the hounds' acheivement. Then, at the end of the game, the achievement didn't pop! Bloody gutted! I remembered I'd triggered one of those lazer tripwires at the end of the game so thought it would be worth reloading a save just before then and finishing the game. It worked! I went a different route that didn't trigger the tripwire, used the killswitch on Marchenko and the trophy popped!

I don't know anyone who is remotely interested in trophies so I'm sharing my pretty boring story with you random strangers as at least you will understand how chuffed I am!! 

One useful tip might be to avoid tripping any of those lazer booby trap tripwires of you are going for the foxiest of the hounds trophy and also use the killswitch on Marchenko. 





Having a username like yours you could have walked on water over the booby trap tripwires

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11 hours ago, TheDarkBlade9 said:

Congratulations, now lets see you get the boring Breach trophies.

Tell me about it! I'm grinding through them at the moment. It's been said ad nauseum but this mode should be fun, it's just really not! I'm properly sick of it and am only at the beginning of section 2A! 

To my great shame I spent nearly 4 quid on the hyperion gun last night because I'd been stuck at the prime drone bit for so long. It's such a blatant 'pay to advance'. Like Jonesey said though, at least it makes the platinum ultra rare! 

On 8/14/2020 at 2:49 PM, DF007gamer said:



Having a username like yours you could have walked on water over the booby trap tripwires

I thought about it, but decided not to in the end. Who knows why. Joesus moves in mysterious ways. I may have to perform a miracle to produce endless praxis and gun parts so I can skip through Breach mode AQAP though!! 

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