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Speed in events?


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Just played a Whirleygig event where it was me and one other on the final platform/hill after the jump past the slow-moving windmill.  We had both fallen and got up at the same time.  I might have been half a step ahead getting up but he dusted me running up the hill and won.


How is that possible?  Is there something more to running besides moving the Left stick up?   Does costume matter (he was a hot dog)?  I would not think so.  

Could it be lag where the opponent was not being shown in his proper position at first?


Inquiring minds want to know!


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I think there's probably a bit a lag between what we see and what other players are actually doing. Same reason you sometimes see another player who appears to be lying face down on the floor but is somehow moving forward at the same time, or how others can seemingly grab your tail from a body's length away.


What's happening on the other player's end gets processed into what we see and it's not always perfect.

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