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I have looked around and people have said the trophy pops between 100 and 128. I currently only have 98 missions in total and one area is level 1 the rest are level 3. How can i get the remaining levels to unlock? and does the DLC Abandoned Area count to this trophy? is it possible someone has a full ps4 mission list? I can only find the vita list.



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I know for sure that all Hollow Missions you choose within the Multiplayer Menu also count.

Just choose missions in MP Menu which you think you never did and continue this until the trophy is achieved.


Also "Abandoned Area" Hollow Missions do count for the PS4 and PC version.


To bring a Hollow Area to an higher level in SP you need to do the Hollow Missions in this area. The bar will cap with level 3 and bar filled to the maximum.

You don't need to fill the bar for Hollow Missions in MP because you just choose what you like.

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