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How do you pronounce POWGI?


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17 minutes ago, Stevieboy said:

The way I pronounce it is as follows:


Pow rhymes with how
Gi rhymes with me

Is the Gi like   Gee (Hard G sound) or  Glee (soft G), because both rhyme with 'me'. 


I pronounce is like Pow - How, and Gi like Glee...without the L, obviously lol.

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6 hours ago, luckydonut said:

For what it's worth, I pronounce "Ubisoft" as "oo-bee-soft" and "Linux" as "lie-nucks". Many people would consider these both to be wrong

Well we are both from the UK and that is how we pronounce them here, and they are grammatically correct and I cannot fathom that they are not pronounced that way *.  I suspect POWGI is pronounced Pow gee [ a g sound rather than a j sound] .  The British language is based upon Saxon [ Medieval West Germany ]and Norman [ French] and Latin as well that's anglicized into what we know today, and America dropped a lot of those pronunciations sometime in history that we have and different spellings for things possibly because it was easier to say, but it doesn't mean ours is wrong and theirs is right, they are both right technically. 


It just so happens that the company whom developed and published these games [ Lightwood Games] is from here in the UK, so its Pow Gee and it actually appears to be an acronym or initials for Puzzle On Word Games Incorporated.  


* Actually I think Ubisoft is pronounced You Bee Soft even here in the UK but the other one is definitely Lie- Nucks to me.

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