Cutscene crashes game AND my PS4 [FIXED]

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So, this has happened 4 times in a row now.


Right after the two cut scenes when you beat the Mech Rider 2 and reunite with Flammie, my PS4 does its beeping sound and shuts off entirely. It doesn't turn back on unless I remove the power cord and plug it back in... I've tried reinstalling the game, dusting my console out, letting it cool down... but to no avail. It keeps crashing my console at the same exact moment. 


I know the remake is known for having lots of bugs and crashes, but I haven't heard about the actual console itself getting crashed. Has anyone else experienced this...?


EDIT: I also tried loading an older save and playing up to that moment... alas, it still crashes.


SO. It turns out that I was playing on PS4 Pro with BOOST MODE turned on. Turning off Boost Mode fixed the issue entirely. If anyone else has this issue and sees this, all you need to do is go into Settings > System > uncheck the Boost Mode option and reopen the game.

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