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Co-op coming 23. Sept


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On 9/22/2020 at 3:13 PM, kingofbattle8174 said:

I imagine two player will make the speed runs a breeze. 

I mean it's not like they're a huge challenge right now either, but yeah. I'm preparing to try and get into top 50, but now I'm considering waiting until I can get a trophy-hunting friend over so we can ace that game xD

Already platted it solo on my alt, but MP will/should be way faster


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What a great addition to an already brilliant game. Me and my 7 year old daughter love this, even more so now with 2 players.


She particularly likes trapping the boy in the phone box so we can go in the shop and start honking while on TV or stealing the slipper from the guy reading the paper.


It's only took a year for us to finish the game, we may even try for the platinum one day

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Me and a friend just played this game on MP for the first time for each of us. Only one of us got the trophies though. I don't know if it's glitched or since it started as a single player game that might not let the second player get trophies too?


Just something to be aware of if anyone else out there is trying to get them.

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On 2/8/2021 at 1:18 AM, enaysoft said:

Can you do the " before the church bells ring" challenges in coop?


I am guessing it be be much easier in coop. Kind of a shame it isn't online coop.

I did them solo without an issue (just watch any number of YouTube guides on what to do and where to go in order) and I also did them co-op with a friend.


The interesting part is that it could be easier/harder with or without a second player depending on the stage. The first two areas are easy both ways and a guide isn't necessary.

Where it gets difficult is the third area with going back and forth between the two yards. Even with co-op and using a guide it can take multiple attempts due to the really finicky AI.


The forth area could be easier with co-op but only if you're not getting the attention of the Pub employees. My friend and I had a hard time escaping with the glass mugs to toss in the river due to the camera angles and you can only get so far from each other before one of you have to move close to the other. This makes escaping very difficult and restricts movement causing you to get caught. Sometimes one player can play interference and help the other escape but it doesn't work all the time.

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