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boosting with ps now

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currently i'm boosting vic vos with one ps3 and my pc using ps now. both started with the same camaraderie. i interrupted the sessions after a while cause i didn't want to lose the points due to a disconnect from ps now. in the camaraderie menu on the ps3 it shows that i have played with not one but several accounts, all with the same name of course. so it seems that the ps now connection, even though it uses a fixed account, in this case my account, kind of connects in another way then a usual ps3.
but done with the nerd stuff! in the end the account i use with ps now got less camaraderie then the ps3 one, maybe because there is, how it should be, just stated one account i played with the whole time. 
so if you wanna boost with a ps now account it'll  take a lot longer for that one, but for everyone who is boosting his account on ps3 with the help of a ps now account, you will get more rewards cause it seems like the system counts it as multiple persons!

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