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Suzuki Somnium - impossible?


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Followed enough guides and find it impossible to get past.  Too many choices you have to take time penalty regardless.  Is there a way to cancel those red skull time loss multipliers linked to correct choice to make?  Some of those correct choices forces you to take a time loss too even if you have a "timier" to use.

Am I missing something like a way to circumvent that stuff?  I watched a walkthrough on PC version that the player is allowed to apply "timier" to choices where I am forced to take total time loss so what the hell?? How to get past that.

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Something I didn't realize until after 2 or 3 Somniums, is selecting a timie with L1 and R1 doesn't set which one you want to use when you press the selection button to pick your choice. First you have to lock in the timie choice by pressing the X button. I too was confused why I wasn't "allowed" to use timies on options with large numbers, the notification was trying to warn me with somewhat awkward phrasing that I HAD NOT locked in a timie, but had the option to do so. I thought the timie reduced how much the option costs by that amount, I didn't realize the timie is supposed to cost what the 2nd number shows is why I didn't notice. So that is likely your first issue, you didn't actually lock in the timies.


Bad timies can't be avoided, they are used immediately on your next turn. So you want to try to find an available low time action you can do, even if it doesn't contribute to solving the puzzle, to burn off the bad timie. "Investigate" is usually a good one as it is typically 10 seconds. Other times there are multiple steps to open the next lock that can be done in any order, so you can save the lower cost action to be done after you are burdened with the bad timie.

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