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R&D Trophy TIP


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Unlike and luckily, it is different this time, not the massive grind galore that was F1 2017. Even this, some tips are necessary. There you guys have:

I strongly reccomend the Durability dept. (yellow one). Reason: After my 2nd season, the time-dependants were already fitted, of course, give priority to develop this department on the Facilities menu
I only found necessary to do practice sessions on my very first season, in order to get those dev/resource points, for the rest of the myteam career (on 2nd season, I've simulate the sessions)

My first choice were the engine dept, but oddly it kept one item away from full development, due to time needed to (it kept saying "available next season")

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I focused on my chassis and got the trophy before Hungary in my second season. I did get few aero and engine upgrades as well. Not much of a grind as you need to do 2 season for many trophies anyway, so as long as you focus on one department in facility upgrades + R&D it won't be a big problem. 

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I did Aero with no major issues. Remember to praise the department, incest in build time and failure reduction along with praising the department in post-session interviews and you will have no worries. I also had it done halfway through season 2, even after i had to re-spec all my aero upgrades in the first season because of a regulation change.

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