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Black Myth: Wukong - August 2024


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1. This game was known internally as Project S. If you followed any of the team on art station or other sites you could see they had been posting art and other teasers from the game for months, but this is when they have finally been able to show off the game in full to the world.


2. The studio released this trailer to show the world what they had worked on, recruit new staff who have passion to work on the project, and to network better in the games industry.


3. They remain committed to creating a single player Action Adventure RPG with AAA standards.


4. The team has completed a lot of R&D but there is still work to be done, such as the full game script and additional combat elements.


5. There were 13 people working on the game in year 1, now 30. Hence why they are hiring more to complete the project in a timely manner.


6. The CEO said later that he just wanted to create an honest trailer about where the project was at to show the world and recruit people, he did not expect to be showered with praise as an industry superstar or similar. 7. The team will now go back to work on the game more.


8. They were happy to see great feedback not just from fans, but from the games industry as well. With positive comments on Chinese social media from companies such as CDPR, Epic Game and Nvidia, as well as positive comments on Western social media from people like Cory Barlog.


9. The company wanted to make this game when it was first founded in 2014, after working on another Journey to the West themed game called 'Asura' prior, which they developed under Tencent. While Asura was an MMORPG, they dreamed of making an Action adventure RPG at AAA level.


10. They initially could not realise this dream and so worked on smaller titles such as 100 Heroes and Art of War: Red Tides to grow and become stable They also wanted to make sure market conditions, costs and technology would be in their favor, finally starting dev end of 2017.


11. They are taking their learnings from Asura and aiming to be more ambitious with a more well thought out story, more authentic and mythological world and more emphasis on Journey to the West The game design is based around this original mythology, with many aspects re-created.


12. The team has a philosophy that it does not matter if something has been tried before or whether it is something entirely new, what matters is that it has to be done well Whether the player can be impressed / satisfied is the most important, not whether it is chasing a trend.


13. The team has been committed to learning new technology to fulfill this dream and has overcome many limitations. They said that what was shown is indeed playable and is not fake. But they say there is still a long way to go.


14. For example, they still need to work out how to do more precise facial animations and emotions because that was something, that if you looked very closely, could be seen to be incomplete. Secondly, interaction between characters and environments is still quite rough.


15. The CEO also said they have had huge difficulty with the heaven gameplay, the part at the end in the clouds with 1,000 soldiers, where the frame rate tanking was something that has given them trouble The boss at the end still has issues with fur, the water is incomplete etc.


16. They do have ambition though. They plan multiple games in the series. Want to fully implement fights with the giant monsters. Add in executions and harder difficulty etc... The single shot camera idea was taken directly from God of War, a game they were inspired by.


17. In terms of funding, they have worked on previous games to fund this. They have said they don't plan on selling out any time soon. Some staff also got head hunted after the trailer dropped but they are all committed to staying at Game Science to work on Wu Kong.


18. Right now they plan to go back to working on the game and likely won't show anything again until they have something more significant to show. They do not plan to get funding that will make them change their vision of the game. All energy now focused on development.




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Black Myth: Wukong - New Details

  • Black Myth: Wukong has been in development for two years so far.
  • The team is aiming to release the game no less than three years from now.
  • Game Science is aiming for more than 15 hours of playtime.
  • The team plans on including over 100 enemy types in the final game, including bosses.
  • Black Myth: Wukong is designed to be a gritty take on Journey to the West, featuring a more complex, dark version of the tale of Sun Wukong the Monkey King escorting a monk with a sacred scroll.
  • The trailer shows three different monkeys - players will have to wait to work out who the real Wukong is.
  • The trailer area is called Black Wind Mountain, and took six months to build.
  • The playtime of Black Wind Mountain is planned to be 30 to 60 minutes on normal difficulty. It will be one of the game's earlier levels.
  • Four or five versions of Black Wind Mountain trailer were created before the demo we saw was deemed ready for release.
  • The demo is entirely playable, and can be played using different approaches - fighting enemies instead of transforming into a Golden Cicada to avoid them, for instance.
  • The player can use multiple different transformations during the Wolf boss fight - more than the one shown in the trailer.
  • The game currently features a test area - nicknamed "Toilet" - that includes four other bosses not shown in the trailer.
  • Black Myth: Wukong is the first of three planned Black Myth games, each one drawing on different Chinese tales. Co-founder Feng Ji wants to create a Black Myth Universe, not unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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