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The Real Gun Game glitched MW2 trophy

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11 hours ago, erik0114 said:

Make sure to complete the mission objectives. Otherwise it won’t count. 


what kind of advice is that? You can't complete missions without doing the objectives wtf. Make sure that you don't do it in the first or last mission. No Russian, Team player and the enemy of my enemy are good missions to go for this trophy. Make sure you don't use a grenade launcher either.

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14 hours ago, westersburg said:

Yeah this even doable on veteran. Just save your ammo for the jeep sequence.


I don't know for sure if this is true for veteran (whish is not needed for the "real gun game" trophy), but on easy you don't have to shoot a single bullet in the jeep sequence. Nothing will really harm you and all cars will crash/explode/vanish/whatever until the driver gets shot. I did it that way without shooting a single bullet in the entire mission.

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bro just do it on the first mission after training, the first half of the mission you don't even have to worry because you have infinite ammo, then the second half is just like 40 enemies tops. If you are about to do run out of bullets change your weapon with at least 1 bullet in the magazine otherwise your character will auto-reload your gun and that can mess everything up. Leave at least 1 bullet on each gun before picking up another of the floor. I got it on my first try and it's my second time playing a Call Of Duty ever, this trophy is not glitched at all. 

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