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All levels and Homecoming


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If you have any clue about those two trophies feel free to post below.

here is a room i found after some backtracking.

I've finished the game so it's definitly not a mandatory puzzle.

Could be related to homecoming, as it's pretty much the same setup as the trophy picture.

I have just no idea how i can solve this room.




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This is solved in a video I've seen called a "0%" run. You need a ton of blocks to redirect the flow of water a bunch. I haven't done this yet myself. 

Around 57 minutes is when you see this person start to complete this area. You'd have to scrub back a bit to see how they collect all of the cubes into that area.


*Edit* Also someone has the plat now so someone out there has done everything required. We gotta track them down lol.

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