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Is the Token of Violence pure RNG?

Joe Dubz

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I just want to start by saying how much I am enjoying this game! I have found the Token once already, however it became apparent to me that I need to find the Token and still survive the remainder of the run to get the God of Violence. As I mentioned I found it once already, but is RNG the only thing that determines whether I get it? Or is there some other trick, because I have done the deal like 10+ more times since with no token. Am I missing something here?! lol

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I just managed to make it happen! As best as I can ascertain, the token is purely based on RNG. At least I didn't do anything different this time and I had to sacrifice 4 hearts in 1 run before it finally showed. Persistence is the key here! If anyone else has any tips in this regard, feel free to mention them ?

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