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Question regarding Trophy Guides


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2 hours ago, LancashireLad87 said:

Are there any rules in place where a user has to have a certain percentage of a game completed before they can create a guide on the site or can anyone create one without prior experience. Thanks!

Good question. 


I think a majority of the guide writers are awesome gamers and will indeed be posting game experience. But once you have the tips and tactic style trophies out of the way and only have something like unlocked story trophies to unlock, then I would assume writing a guide would be acceptable. 


Someone far less awesome but with superior wisdomidge than me will be you a clearer answer though.


PS: We're practically neighbours my Lanky friend :D

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Nope. It might be that the guide review team looks at your trophy list before they publish your guide, but I have currently started two guides for games I had on my profile with 0% trophies earned, and have meanwhile deleted entirely from my profile. I can still edit the guides.  


So yeah.. you just need to own the game, sync the 0% trophy list, and you can start writing the guide. 

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