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[Ending Spoilers] I Want "In Water"

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Hi, guys! So, I'm working on Silent Hill 2 in the HD collection and it's been about 18 years since I've played this masterpiece of a game, so I have a question. My ending guide tells me that I'm supposed to do all of the recommendations for getting the "In Water" ending and do all of the things that will help me avoid the "Maria" ending. These are...


Getting "In Water"


● Examine Angela's knife in your inventory often.
● Read the Diary on the Hospital rooftop.
● See the message to James on the wall in Neely's Bar in the Dark South Vale section.
● After viewing the videotape, go to the Reading Room on 2F of the "Nightmare" Lake View Hotel and listen to the recorded conversation with the headphones on the desk.
● Listen to the entire last corridor conversation of Mary sick in bed before the last boss fight.
● Go through the game with red health status often.


Avoiding "Maria"


● Hit Maria a few times wooden plank a few times but do not kill her.

● In your inventory, examine the photo of Mary and the letter from Mary often.

● After you meet Maria in Rosewater Park, run as fast as you can to room S3 on 3F in Brookhaven Hospital.


My question is if I hit Maria, refuse to go back and check on her in the hospital room, am constantly examining the photo of Mary and her letter as well as Angela's knife, and do all of the other requirements for the "In Water" ending, but I spend some time with Maria to pick up items along the streets before going to Brookhaven, will what I've done still be enough for the "In Water" ending? I'd hate to miss out on all of those health drinks, first aid kits, and handgun bullets. Thanks in advance for any input!


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You should be fine, just don't spend extra time talking to her in the Labyrinth or after she lays down on the bed in the hospital.


Keep in mind that examining Mary's photo and letter will count towards the "Leave" ending so don't go overboard with it. If you're worried, you can just spam the examine button on Angela's Knife for a bit and that should get you "In Water."


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Yeah, you should be fine, just don't spend too much time with her or you can also get the Mary ending. And i'm pretty sure going through the game with red health status doesn't help with in water, try to look for objects and read phrases that influence suicidal thoughts instead 


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