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Back-Up Save Time Saver


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On 8/23/2020 at 4:36 AM, illuminati1556 said:

I wish I had done this when i played through the game, but I was unsure of who all the characters were and tbh was a bit paranoid about missing any of the trophies. This eliminates the need to get as far in the game on the bronze medal run since you won't have to get any of the mark of the refuge items or deal with that entire section. This should be the proper steps in order to help complete these in a single run while minimizing your time.Here is a quick guide on how to unlock Rebirth, Ultreia Et Suseia and Crossing Souls all in your 100% play through with the use of back-up saves.

First begin the Pilgrim Quest:
Activate Jondo's platforms then talk to him. He will give you the Fourth Toe Made of Limestone Rosary Bead and move to Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow.
Activate the shortcut to the upper floors of Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow and talk to him. He will move to Wasteland of the Buried Churches.
DO NOT help him cross the spikes on Wasteland of the Buried Churches.
Then begin Cleofas' Quest:
Talk to him in Mother of Mothers
Find the three Mark of the Refuge items on Archcathedral Rooftops.
Deliver the three Mark of the Refuge items to Socorro. She will ascend to another existential plane. Talk to Cleofás after this.
Cleofás will move to Archcathedral Rooftops, to the left of the first Pier-Dieu of the area.
From here, you can talk to Cleofas (without the Cord of the True Burying) and he will jump off the ledge. Then go back to help the pilgrim reach this point where he will comment on his death and unlock Crossing Souls.
Go back to Lvdovico (through the church's window) to receive the Cord of the True Burying. The carry on with the guide to complete Rebirth and Ultreia Et Suseia as intended for the 100% play through.

This is a great tip that will save players a huge chunk of time. Hopefully the guide is updated with this information! 

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