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So what's the deal with this game?


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I don't own the game, but why no one has a trophy? Devs are still creating games and secrets that will take players years to figure out?


Give me a feeling that when someone unlocks the platinum, Kotaku and IGN will write about it as a gaming history milestone, like Cicada 3301. Oh wait, is this game a part of Cicada 3301?!

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5 hours ago, ChristianHenares said:

Attacking Zegetta 2 is a troll game nobody can't ever get platinum. But I know what you mean. I'll take 50 Dark Souls's kinda hard games before 90% trash plats. Nowadays trophies/achievements are getting ruined by this fact.

I'll still take impossible lists like Attacking Zegeta 2 rather than the trash they release multi region just so troophers spend their money on ezplats.

Now don't anger them though 10 years for Stanley Parable might be long but don't tell them how the Steam cheevo list has by design an impossible cheevo!

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On 5/18/2022 at 11:22 AM, PlatinumTrophy said:

good news for you guys then cuz there might just be something new coming from denysoft this year based on a subtle comment they made in their youtube video 10 days ago

2 replies to 5 year old comments:


reply 1: ?


reply 2: 2022.... ???


Denysoft.com is also "up" again. It redirects to some shady store.

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well the shady shop/website that redirected from denysoft has a posting for Attacking Zegeta 3

it just says "Coming soon Stay tuned in this post!"

https://www.clasificadus.com/digital-items/digital-games-windows/attacking-zegeta-3_i99 (nearly forgot to copy the link and nearly posted with a compelety different link lol)

welp, guess more trophies soon with baffling descriptions that nobody knows how to unlock.

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