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How do I access DLC


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4 minutes ago, iDavjd said:

I don’t even know where to download the dlc from. And I don’t have it on disc, I have it from ps now 

That is probably why you aren't seeing the DLC as (as far as I'm aware) PS Now versions don't have it included unfortunately.

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I got a problem relating to the title. I found the Ice pack DLC and bought it but it isn't appearing in-game, it does appear as bought in the DLC menu option. I got the game for free with psplus if that matters.

Can someone help me access the DLC I bought?


Edit: got it to work by installing the DLC first.

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New tracks are available inside Special Event Category (each category has new tracks - there's a download icon in each one of them) - also there available new championships (menu > championships). If you are not seeing these new tracks / championships, try to restore licenses.

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For me, the DLC available through the main menu was NOT the DLC with Trophies, so I'm assuming that's what your issue is as well.


To access the Tropical Ice DLC (with trophies), you have to go through the PS Store, search for Table Top Racing, and choose "Add Ons." The DLC will be there!

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