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Optimal Health - Glitched?!


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Hi evereyone,


I need help about this trophy, I got all the other trophies but this one doesn't pop. I'm following some videos (it's easy to obtein in theory) but never pop for me. I've start new game, delete the last update and nothing.

Dev console as well is not working.


Anyone has an idea about how to obtein easily?


thanks in advance

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There is nothing else you can do other than hatching the Sea Emperor’s eggs and getting Enzyme 42 which cures you. I wouldn’t delete the last update cause it fixed glitches and perhaps you need to delete your save files completely and start over, then make a save right before you start the quest for getting the materials to hatch the eggs.


Also found this about the dev console: https://steamcommunity.com/app/264710/discussions/0/135512931354118029/




“On PS4 hit L1, R1, and X and the same time for Dev console. I just recently started playing and it works on the latest update. BTW, it does disable trophies, I just use it to see where stuff is and then go do it legit on a different save.”


Also check this out:


“I didn't have any crashes at that point but I did have issues with the trophies not popping, though I fixed it by loading an old save and skipping ahead to that point and redoing them from scratch. All of this was with the latest patch installed.”


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