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I have a big tip for anyone interested in completing this game... RAINBOW MODE. Seriously. Just finish a Blessing Run as soon as you possibly can. This will unlock the best weapon in the game "Gunther".


Then, always play on Rainbow Mode. On floor 1, just keep restarting until Gunther shows up. Then play as normal. Gunther is an infinite ammo weapon that increases in power after each room you complete. As it upgrades, it increases in damage, as well as automatically gets the Bouncy Bullets and Homing Bullets perks. Chances are, it will be at max power before you even finish the first boss. Then on each subsequent floor, pick a passive item that enhances your damage output, like Fat Bullets or Riddle of Lead.


If you want to make it even easier, play as the Robot and destroy every chest. The Robot gets a 5% damage boost for each piece of junk he is holding. If you get lucky, you'll find Sir Junkan somewhere along the way.


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So I definitely do not want or attempt to devalue your tip, if people REALLY struggle and just want to get it over with that might be helpful. I can see Gungeon being pretty stressful for people with completionist attitude being "stuck" in this game and never getting the hang of it.


But if you really have to force that exact scenario in a game - and in a genre - that really builds on randomness and beating the odds you might just have picked the wrong game altogether. So I definitely wouldn't recommend jumping into this game with that mindset from the start because it kind of defeats the purpose of a rogue-lite. That learning curve of learning the items, getting further and further every single run etc. is the whole essence of this game, so at least give it a normal shot at the start.

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