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New content for Pistol Whip on the way


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Based on developer roadmap we have two content drops to look forward to:



First up we have three new songs with quote "This new Heartbreaker Trilogy update will add three levels that involve less “face-melting music for the fighters” and more chilled out action “for the lovers.”


And sometimes later The Concierge update is going to hit and I quote "This will be the biggest content addition for the game since launch and will be split over two updates. They will introduce new weapon types, new enemy types and a “cinematic action campaign” for all the new content."



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2 minutes ago, Smashero said:

Nice info. 

DLCs for "Beat Saber" didn't include any new trophies - wondering how it will be here...


Oh yeah now that you mention it not a single of songs packs for Beat Saber includes new trophies. 


If Pistol Whip is going to follow same suit, then I would say Heartbreaker pack wont have new trophies but The Concierge could have it as it's supposed to include some campaign. It's also marked as an update and not DLC so we might get it for free. 

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New modifiers are going to be available:

Vengeance - adds 10% to score - enemies shoot back each time you land a shot

Disorder - adds 5% to score - changes which enemies have armour

and my favourite change - dual wield no longer reduces score


and here's quote from Upload.vr about new songs:

Letting Go – EMBERZ: Players dance and shoot their way through showers of stars and rain in this upbeat transitional journey above a dreamy pastel cityscape.

Embers – Dabin feat. Jill Harris: Angelic vocals help players groove and vibe through this warm, colourful, and abstract scene.

Another Day – Dabin x Inukshuk (feat. Nevve): Players will experience the explosive and joyous conclusion to The Heartbreaker Trilogy in a fantastical journey across the road less traveled.



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