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Geddan Mode

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On the pause menu, there's a toggle for Geddon Mode. After you enable it, a cube appears in the bottom-left corner that moves with the Dualshock gyro. Tilt it so that the cube is standing up, tilted slightly to the left (the reference is to the Goldeneye N64 tilted cartridge glitch) and stuff starts spazzing out. 

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2 hours ago, MACHONACHO44556 said:

Yep it's free. Don't have to download anything for it. I used the code up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, circle, x. Then you can enable geddan mode. All you have to do for the trophies is move the controller around. I tilted the controller towards me to keep the hand dancing and beat the first level.


Thank you 

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